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The New Definition of Music Sharing
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We share music, freely~!
About this Community

This is a community to share WHATEVER kind of music you wish to share. From Americano music to Japanese music. Share as you please. You may also request whatever you want or are looking for, maybe someone out there has something you wish to have. Post music videos. Though there are a few things I wish for you to understand before posting, or joining this community, thought they may change depending on how the community behaves:

1. Before you join, I want you to know that everyone is entitled to their own opnion but I will not tolerate any flaming or arguing.
2. When you post music make sure that you add a tag to the post of the artist's name.
3. Some people will want you to comment when you download their music, so be sure to do so.

The memberlist will cleaned of anyoen who doesn't post one every month. If you only wish to download music don't join, just add this community to your friends list.

Once again rules be added or changed depending on how this community progresses. If you have any questions please contact me.