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ヾ(* ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄▽ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄*)ノこんばんわ♪
history: Luna Sea released their first official MCA Victor-labeled album "Image" on May 21. It reachd No.9 best selling album in Oricon Chart. Luna Sea then held the concert "Luna Sea Concert Tour 1992 Image or Real" for 7 nights, where one of the events was taped and released in a VDO format, which reached No.1 in Oricon Chart. Correspondent to the looming popularity, the concert "After The Image Tour" would be held during October. Luna Sea closed the year with another Exstasy Summit concert at Nippon Budokan.

Now here is my 1st favorite album by Luna Sea, you can here the growth in the band The songs are all well composed. Ryuichi vocals have truly get better. And the chemistry between INORAN and SUGIZO guitar playing is amazing.

3.MECHANICAL DANCE(man love this song)
8.VAMPIRE'S TALK(beautiful)
11.MOON(record moon from LUNA SEA, i like this version )
12.WISH(Trademark song)


Im sorry for the split files..(。_。;)
IMAGE makes me feel that luna sea really stared to come into their own in this album, you can hear the progressive rock slow creep in. So i give it the name PROGKAI!tm

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and have a wonderful night.....IMAGE IS CALLING YOU


"Lunacy were discovered by the late Hideto Matsumoto (then lead guitarist of X Japan), and then signed by X Japan co-founder Yoshiki Hayashi to his independent label Extasy Records, on which they released their self-titled debut album in 1991. Upon their first album release, the band's name Lunacy was changed to Luna Sea."

One of my third favorite album by Luna Sea, a high energy debut with songs that would become the standard for VK as we know it today. Of course not saying they did it by themselves. With bands like DEAD END( watch Ryuichi gets his look and singing approach from and as well as one of many artiest that influenced his playing style),X japan,D'erlanger. Bands like these showed the way
but LUNA SEA kicked down the door.

5.SHADE ( i love this song)


A album with some great songs that well spend their entire life spend of the Band. You can hear
a lot of sounds that influenced bands like DIR EN GREY(*COUGH* GAUZE,MISSA,MACABRE,SIX UGLY) , ALICE NINE, MERRY, MUCC etc.
Okay my fanboy momment is over, if you read all this ya for you!
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Yui does it again with a great single..this was hard to find the whole single but it seems to be worth it.

3.Summer Song
4.Again: Instrumental

Again is one of my favorite songs by her and that saying a lot (she has a lot of good song)
sea is good as well


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Luna Sea- SLOW (2005)

One of my favorite Luna sea compilation, 13 balled songs picked by the fan themselves.

1.Crazy about you

A powerful collection of great songs from each period of Luna sea (EDEN,MOTHER,STYLE,SHINE,LUNACY). ITs a hit!


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Chihiro Onitsuka - Ryuuseigun
{Recommendation Level}: 10
{Language}: Japanese
{Commentary}: It's love at first sight n n; I love this song so friggin' much. lol I dun even know why tho. XD Just don't watch it in live concert. It sucks. lol

Utada Hikaru - Be my Last
{Recommendation Level}: 10
{Language}: Japanese
{Commentary}: I love this song because it's calming and Utada's voice is beautiful in this song. The beat of the song goes well with the theme of the song also.

Masami Okui - Rindu Revolution
{Recommendation Level}: 9.5
{Language}: Japanese
{Anime}: Shoujo Kakumei Utena/Revolutionary Girl Utena
{Commentary}: I would give it a 10 if it wasn't for the fact that I played the song to death all the time when I was younger. lol But I love this song regardless...;3

Ayumi Hamasaki - End of the World
{Recommendation Level}: 10
{Language}: Japanese
{Commentary}: I have this love hate thing going on for Ayumi. Sometimes I love her music and sometimes I don't. Depends on my mood. I love how the song starts off all calm and then goes into the chorus and it gets all upbeat and coolness. Kick ass ^ ^;

Angela Aki - Kokoro no Senshi
{Recommendation Level}: 10
{Language}: Japanese
{Commentary}: Angela Aki is my idol because of the fact that she was born and raised in America and moved to Japan when she got older. She looks PURE american and speak FLUENT english with a perfect accent. I want to grow up to make music in Japan the way that she does. ^ ^ He voice is so beautiful. And she composes her own piano music. How much better can she get? XD And she puts alot of emotion into her music when you watch her live in concert. She sang the ending sogn for Final Fantasy XII.

MELL - Red Fraction
{Recommendation Level}: 9
{Language}: English
{Anime}: Black Lagoon
{Commentary}: MELL Is from I've SOUND. The people who bring us H-Game music <3. I swear to God I've makes the best music I ever heard in my whoel fucking life. lol I hope that you too can enjoy I've SOUND. <3

Ambra Angiolini - T'appartengo
{Recommendation Level}: 6
{Language}: Italian
{Commentary}: I heard her when she did a song with Ilaria Graziano. Her music alone is kinda rap style. It's cool I guess her voice doesn't really strike out to me and he music isn't really AWESOME. But it's decent enought that I'd listen to it. lol Very catchy.

First Post

Alright hopefully before looking at this community I hope you've read the rules. ;3

If not please visit the userinfo page before doing ANYTHING here.

Anyways, I will post the first rotation of music. ;D

Utada Hikaru - Exodus '04 (Double J Radio Mix)
{Recommendation Level}: 5.5
{Language}: English
{Commentary}: I honestly like the original version better, but this version is tolerable. Not much to say about it. I dunno if I like it or not. lol

Chara - TADD
{Recommendation Level}: 7
{Language}: Japanese
{Commentary}: I only just started listening to Chara not too long ago because of her very unique vocals when she sings. I think her voice is beautiful. I've never heard anyone ever sing this way in Japanese. Reminds me a bit of Bjork but more subtle and not as crazy.

Takahashi Yoko - Yowake Umare Kuru Shoujo
{Recommendation Level}: 9.5
{Language}: Japanese
{Anime}: Shakugan no Shana
{Commentary}: This song is strong, upbeat. The vocals move me in a way. Kind of like Kotoko music. It has that kind of effect on me. It's beautiful. It's definitely recommended for people who love upbeat strong vocal music. First time I heard this song I just fell in love with it. Especially for the fact that it has such a dramatic introduction.

Shoujo Kakumei Utena OST 3 - Poison
{Recommendation Level}: 5
{Language}: None
{Anime}: Shoujo Kakumei Utena/Revolutionary Girl Utena
{Commentary}: This song has no words only some random voices - Shrugs - I always loved the OST for Utena <3 and this is one of my favorites.

Masami Okui - Give a Reason (Slayers)
{Recommendation Level}: 8
{Language}: Japanese
{Anime}: Slayers
{Commentary}: I absolutely love Masami Okui. She loves to redo songs for animes though like this one for instance. lol I believe she was the voice over actress from one of the characters in Slayers. Possibly Line Inverse. I don't remember. Such a versitile woman. lol I honestly never watched the anime. Only like the first 9 episodes of the first season and the OVA movie Slayers the Motion Pictures. Other than that this song is catchy makes you wanna sing along with it. Upbeat and with Masami Okui's vocals <3 Only makes it better. ^ ^;

Utada Hikaru - This is Love
{Recommendation Level}: 9.5
{Language}: Japanese
{Commentary}: I love this song. I can never get sick of it for some reason. Makes me wanna sing along with it. Although there is so much better than this. ;3

That's all for now. n n;